PPI Tambaklorok will operate this coming May

Semarang- after several months did not function, the Pendaratan Port of the Fish (PPI) Tambaklorok could it was hoped come back will operate this coming May.
The road entered that was broken, will be improved by DPU, this month end.
Kasi Street and DPU Kota Bridge, Ir Iswar Aminudin said, road damage uptil now became the main cause not the operation of PPI. The trader reluctantly came, because of this road to be able to not be passed by the pedicab of the fish carrier.
Technically, the broken road will be raised by a little.
That to avoid Rob's pool.
Some time before, this point has Stockpiled used LPA. Saat Ini, the improvement project of the road to enter PPI Tambaklorok still in the process of administration.
The reason for his characteristics urgent, the determination of the counterpart who did the project will be carried out by means of the appointment.

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