Several public तेलेफोनेस Could not Function well

The conduct of the hands Jahil
Several public telephones
Could not Function well

Semarang- in several strategic places that were installed by public telephone facilities, could not function well.
Not the public telephone functioning was belonging to Telcom caused by the existence of damage to equipment like the telephone receiver loss.
Not only that, in several places in fact bok his telephone was lost.
Several places that telephoned the coin and his card did not function among them in front of Gelael Street Sultan Agung and in front of the Diponegoro Tembalang mosque.
Moreover near the Diponegoro Ngesrep statue, in front of the Siranda shop, in front of the Undip School Of Literature, and in Street Ahmad Yani.
Observation of the Merdeka Voice, in front of Gelael that previously had four boxes of the telephone currently all of them disappeared.
In fact previously in the place had telephone facilities by the coin and the card prabayar that often was sold in various places.
NY Rini (35) one of the residents who was met in front of Gelael said regretted the loss of public telephone facilities.
The Rendah
According to Manager Komunikasi PT Telcom Divre IV Central Java and DIY, Sudjatmiko, his side several times improved.
However because still the low level of the awareness of the community in maintaining the public's facilities, this communication equipment was still being often broken.
In fact, he continued, spare parts for the box of the telephone at this time his price was relatively expensive but also was difficult to be gotten.
In order to reduces the loss that was experienced by PT Telcom, in several places that considered by the facilities danger to be pulled out.
explained, the public telephone in fact a service that was the subsidy from Telcom for the community.

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