Officer shoots boss before being killed by fellow cops

Officer shoots boss before being killed by fellow cops

National News - March 15, 2007

Suherdjoko, The Jakarta Post, Semarang

A police officer angry about being transferred to a small town shot and killed his supervisor Wednesday, before he himself was killed by members of an elite police squad.

First Brig. Hance Christian, 32, an officer in the discipline enforcement and complaint services unit at Semarang Police Headquarters, became enraged after learning he was to be transferred to Kendal, a small town about 30 kilometers west of the Central Java capital.

Hance abducted two female colleagues from the same unit before entering the office of Semarang Police deputy chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Lilik Purwanto, 47, and killing him.

Shortly afterward, Hance was killed by members of the elite Mobile Brigade, who fired several bullets into the officer after he refused to lay down his weapon.

Central Java Police chief Insp. Gen. Dody Sumantyawan confirmed the shootings. "Lilik Purwanto's death was caused by several gunshot wounds, including the fatal bullet that hit his heart," Dody said after leading a ceremony for Lilik at the slain officer's home in the Bukitsari housing complex.

Dody also confirmed that before shooting Lilik, Hance abducted two policewomen -- First Adj. Insp. Titik Sumartini and Adj. Comr. Indraningrum -- on the second floor of police headquarters.

"According to the preliminary investigation, this incident had nothing to do with private vengeance. The accused (Hance) was possibly upset over his planned transfer to Kendal," the police chief said.

According to sources at police headquarters, officers gathered for a morning ceremony at 7 a.m. led by Lilik. After the ceremony concluded, Lilik returned to his office on the third floor.

Meanwhile, Hance arrived at headquarters by taxi at 7:30 a.m. and went to his office, where he was handed his transfer letter by First Adj. Insp. Titik. Hance became furious over the unexpected transfer and fired six shots from his service revolver into the floor and sofa, before abducting Titik and Indraningrum.

Notified of the situation on the second floor, Lilik attempted to calm the situation. Hance's father was contacted and asked to come to the police headquarters and persuade his son to surrender.

Lilik then asked Hance to come to his office so they could talk. Hance and his two captives went to the third floor at about 7:45 a.m., where Adj. Comr. Indraningrum managed to escape.

It is unclear what happened in Lilik's office, only that Hance fired several shots into the body of Lilik.

During the hostage standoff, a bomb squad and Mobile Brigade team had arrived at the headquarters.

After Lilik was killed, the Mobile Brigade members took up positions around the office. When Hance refused to lay down his weapon and exit the office, the elite officers fired three bullets into his chest and head, killing him instantly.

Officer Titik was unharmed in the shooting but was taken to the hospital to be treated for shock.


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