SPA is not only for Semarang

SPA is not only for Semarang

SPA is not only belong to Semarang people ,but it also belong to Central Java ommunity. At the opening of Semarang the Beauty of Asia RI 1 will also dedicate 18 major manufactures at Kendal. The national icon such as Borobudur and Prambanan Temple , and the great mosque of central java or Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah will also be symbols of the opening Semarang the Beauty of Asia august 9, 2007.

The opening of Semarang the beauty of Asia is only a few days away, the whole preparation need full attention. On jully 28, 2007 at the 8th floor Moh ihsan building, more than 300 organizers involved in the great event Semarang the beauty of Asia, they conducted a simulation and coordination together lead directly by local state secretary / Sumarmo. The simulation was also attended by the mayor of Semarang, Sukawi Sutarip and his wife, Sinto Sukawi..
Sukawi Sutarip were look relax wore casual shirt, he gave instruction to the organizers to continue the coordination every day., among others are preparation of the opening , the welcoming of state guest and the whole detail including the preparation of souvenir.
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is scheduled to attend the formal ceremony of the opening Semarang the beauty of asia august 9. About 5 thousand invitation guests are ascertained to attend at the pancasila field as the central of the opening Semarang the beauty of Asia.

The huge stage with the width 30-60 meters is specially prepared for the 300 dancer and 150 orchestra which will entertain and enchant the invitation guest. The light effect and huge screen will also be prepared on the right and left side of the stage.
Sukawi said that SPA is not only belong to semarang people but it also belong to central java communities. It marked with the dedicated of 18 big manufactures at Kenda at the same time with the opening of spa.
The SPA is also considered as the gate of semarang to Trade Tourism Investment. The mayor of semarang sukawi specially ask not to relate the event politival interest.. [TVKU].


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