Semarang Custom and Traditions

Semarang Custom and Traditions

Most of the people in Semarang are Javanese. They are pleasant people; cheerful, unwilling to give offense or seemingly, to take offense.
Javanese language or called Bahasa Jawa is used as the every day language in this city.

Similiar with Sundanese, Javanese language has level of usage; language ranges from highly refined and formalized, to down-right vulgar and ribald. All are performed according to the society status.

Ruwatan is one of famous tradition at Semarang. Ruwatan is an exorcistic ritual, performed to release victim or potential victim from dangerous condition that leaves them open to attack from god Kal (Batara Kala).

The origin and meaning this tradition lie embedded in the wayang story, Murwakala, which is performed at this ritual.

Dug Der is the traditional music and festival with basic equipment called bedug (drum mosque) and the old cannon called meriem.
The name Dugder, came from the sound of fire crackers from old cannon। This ceremony since at 1881 as sign the beginning day of fasting month (bulan puasa)


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